Mixed Mystery Box (Clearance)



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Mystery Boxes from The Vaping Hamster are designed to give you a great experience and from time to time we put mystery boxes up for a huge clearance sale…

We hear you ask what will your clearance mystery box contain.
Like our standard boxes do believe that our clearance boxes are second to none and are forever wanting to make our mystery boxes the absolute BEST in the world but at the same time, we want to give value for money! So, we have created something amazing for you.

The Mystery E-Liquid Box by The Vaping Hamster will contain exactly what you need and crave!

This is a one-off mystery box that contains roughly the following... 

300ml Shortfill E-Liquids (The shortfills are Bearded Freaks and/or Old Ohmies)
2 sets of premade/handmade coils 
2 Nicotine Salts 
2 10ml Nicotine E-Liquids 
1 Disposable Device

Please note that as this is a clearance sale these mystery boxes do tend to sell out quickly so therefore not all flavour profiles are readily available.  

We have an option with this mystery box to add a vape device to your order. We have three options for you. You can have a Starter Vape Kit, Advanced Vape Kit or a Mech kit. With each of these options, you will receive an extra 50ml of e-liquid plus a spare pack of coils and if you select to mech kit you will receive handmade coils.

THESE MYSTERY BOXES ARE HERE TO CLEAR... ONCE THEY ARE GONE, THEY ARE GONE. Please note that you may receive the odd bottles of out-of-date premium e-liquid... You will never receive two of the same flavour from the same brand.

Nicotine Shots are sold separately