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By using our website, you agree to all Terms & Conditions below. It is your responsibility to make sure you have read any relevant terms before contacting us, using our website, and/or ordering any products. By purchasing goods on our website, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out below. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us. 

It is recommended that you view our ‘Privacy Policy and our ‘Returns and Refunds Policy. These can be found using the links below.

Privacy Policy
Returns & Refunds

We reserve the right to modify the price, withdraw (temporarily or permanently) any products or services on our website. We also reserve the right to do so without notice.

You confirm that any payment method you use is yours (ie Credit or debit card)
Payment methods may be subject to validation checks and authorization and we will not be liable for any delay or non-delivery caused by failure of such checks or authorization.

You agree that orders may be subject to cross-border checks and additional charges you will be liable for entirely and not The Vaping Hamster Limited.

In certain situations, you may have an issue with your order and require a refund or exchange. Please see our Returns Policy for full details.

Returns & Refunds

We need to collect certain Personal Information to provide you with services or products and you agree that we may use, update, share and process your Personal Information in accordance with our privacy policy. Please not we will never sell or rent your private information. Our privacy policy can be found using the link below.

Privacy Policy

We will not be liable for any loss or damage caused in circumstances beyond our control.

We will not be liable for any loss or damage caused after goods are collected and/or delivered.

We will not be liable for any loss or damage caused after the use of any product sold on this website to you or anyone else.

We will not be liable for any illness, medical issues, or complications caused as a result of the usage of the products that we supply. You accept and acknowledge that you use all products entirely at your own risk.

If you wish to make a complaint you may do so in writing via email or postal letter using the details below.
The Vaping Hamster Limited, 66 Abbey Crescent, Heywood, Greater Manchester, OL10 4UG.

You may only purchase products via www.thevapinghamster.com if you are at least 18 years year of age. You will be asked for age verification upon entering our website. You may also be asked to declare that you are of the legal age to purchase any products when placing an order and we do reserve the right to carry out independent verification checks and if we discover that you are not legally entitled to order the products, we will by law cancel any order immediately and without notice and if you falsely declare your age to us you could be held responsible for all costs, expenses, losses, damage fines and other penalties that we may suffer or incur as a consequence of your false statement.

If you are a resident outside of the UK then YOU are accepting responsibility for any customs and clearance fees (which includes customers in Northern Ireland) that may be applied to your package, The Vaping Hamster Limited will not be responsible for these charges unless they are paid at the time of ordering. The Vaping Hamster do not include any customs fees and/or charges within our prices. It is your responsibility to check before ordering. The Vaping Hamster will not be held responsible for any orders seized at customs outside of our control you and you alone are responsible for knowing the law(s) rules and regulations within your own country. The Vaping Hamster Limited will not consider the  refund of postage fees for good returned to us as a result of E-cigarette prohibited within your country and/or state. You will however receive a refund on the product(s)

When ordering nicotine shots, unless a specific brand is ordered then we will select brands of our own choice, bands to which these brands will vary from time to time. We have various Nic shots from various brands, you are responsible for selecting the required shot for yourself if you do not want us to choose a brand for you. And we hold zero responsibility for any mistakes that you make IE if you order a (menthol) nic shot and it was not what you required. You are responsible for knowing the correct amounts required. Please also note that nic shots will not be included free of charge with any order.

Nicotine is a highly dangerous and addictive substance whilst we do not encourage you to use nicotine, we do advise that you are trained correctly in the use of nicotine (nic shots) and that you wear disposable gloves and any other PPE required. If nicotine gets onto your skin or is swallowed then you MUST seek medical attention immediately, you must also be over the age of 18 to use nicotine.

You use nic shots and nicotine at entirely your own risk. The vaping hamster will take no liability for any issues arising from the use of nicotine and/or nic shots.

We have an effective age verification process that satisfies due diligence as described in the Business Companion guide for online age verification checks We use www.verifymyage.com as our service provider to undertake age verification for all customers on our behalf. You are advised to check out their terms and conditions and privacy policy on their website.

We have no way of avoiding this and ALL vape companies will soon have to follow suit. According to current UK legislation, E-cigarette products can only be purchased by and shipped to those who are over the age of 18. Due to a law implemented in May 2017, we are required to verify the age of any customers wishing to purchase our products.

VerifyMyAge will carry out Age Verification on all new orders received. This is all done in the background using the normal information you input on our website. If this information is not sufficient to allow verification, you will be contacted by email.

Verification is only required once for each Customer, where confirmation over 18 will be recorded.

If you receive an email from Verify My Age you will be offered 3 ways in order to verify your age –
1. Age Estimation (Selfie)
2. ID Scan
3. Credit Card
4. Text Message 

If Verify My Age confirms they are still unable to verify then please contact us at info@thevapinghamster.com if you have any issues. (PLEASE NOTE: That no orders will be sent until we are entirely satisfied that you are aged 18 years and over) 

VerifyMyAge meet all UK and EU standards for the processing of data and are approved by Trading Standards. Your information is safe. If you wish to know more on Verify My Age then please visit their website www.agechecked.com or feel free to contact us with any questions. You can find the privacy policy of VerifyMyAge by checking out there website www.verifymyage.co.uk/privacy to which The Vaping Hamster encurages you to read.