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Vapcell  K25 18650 Battery

Vapcell K25 18650 Battery

Vapcell provides high-quality products to brands all around the world, and they offer us batteries with performance and safety in mind…

The Vaping Hamster cannot offer battery shipping to any other country than the United Kingdom. This is due to Air Mail Shipping restrictions from UPS and Royal Mail. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Disclaimer On Use Of Batteries….
There are some risks associated with specialist batteries used in e-cigarettes. You must follow some basic safety requirements. We advise that you research the safe use of vape batteries. The Vaping Hamster has put together some basic hints and tips which you can check out here anytime. The Vaping Hamster Limited will not be liable for damage by improper use or storage of batteries.

Please ensure that you dispose of the batteries in a proper way! Each country has its own rules and regulations on the disposal of batteries.

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  • Product Information

    The Vapcell 18650 Batteries feature a 3500mAh capacity and have an amp rating of 20A.

    Size - 18650
    Protection - NONE
    Weight - 40g
    Nominal voltage - 3.7V
    Capacity - 2400mAh (2.5 Ah)
    Discharge rate - 20A

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